More things to do

Sunsets & stargazing, history & hot springs. Your Elephant Butte adventure awaits.

The Lake

Surround yourself in the beauty of nature

Less than five minutes to Elephant Butte Lake State Park
The lake offers boating, jet skiing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, tubing and swimming
Find rentals at Marina de Sur

Hiking & Biking

Endless choices in hiking and biking trails

Bike on scenic roads and off-road trails
Hike lakeside or in the nearby mountains
Choose from easy to more aggressive adventures

Hot Springs

Public and private soaking pools

Soak in the healing hot springs in neighboring Truth or Consequences
Indoor and outdoor public and private experiences
With waters ranging from 98° to 113°

Spaceport America

The world’s first purpose-built spaceport

About 30 miles from Sierra del Rio
Spaceport is home to some of the world’s most prestigious aerospace companies
More than just a launch site

Off Road

Explore our back country

Amazing off roading experience in our high-desert and mountainous terrain
Amazing views along the way
Plenty of challenges on some very aggressive trails

Ghost towns

Inviting exploration, sparking curiosity

Rich with history, including several ghost towns dating back to the mid 1800s
Some favorites: Winston, Chloride, Hillsboro, Kingston and Monticello